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“Our almost 8 year old daughter has been listening to Ginny’s recordings every consecutive night for two weeks now, as well as following the guidelines regarding food and drink before bed, etc. The first three nights she continued to wet whilst still wearing a nappy, and then we took the leap and got rid of the nappies for good. 

Since then Emilia has been dry every night! 

She’s currently on her 10th consecutive day of waking up dry, and she is so proud of herself. 

We have tried everything over the years, spending a fortune in the process, and this is the first time Millie has made real and significant progress. We are so grateful to you and your program Ginny. It’s obvious you genuinely care, and we can’t thank you enough.”


“This bedwetting program is fabulous. 

My 6-year-old was dry for quite some time then started wetting sporadically then frequently. I found Ginny on Facebook and sent away for the recordings.

We started to see a difference immediately. G woke for the first time through the night on the first night of the program, she was then dry for a few more nights. Unfortunately, she then had a few nights of wetting again but Ginny was really supportive and gave us some extra techniques to use. 

Since we have added in the extras, G has been dry for 3 weeks. She is so proud of herself and no longer stresses out at bedtime. Thanks, Ginny for your amazing recordings and support.”