Stay Dry at Night

The Gentle and Effective Bedwetting Solution

"My daughter used to wet the bed every single night, she is aged nine.
She listened to your recording once and was dry!"
(Girl aged 9)
"I started crying while reading your email because you are the only person so far that has taken a real interest in my son's bedwetting and the strain it is putting on the family. "
"I honestly can’t thank you enough. Your program has been amazing so far. The progress is truly life changing. And to see the confidence he now has, makes my heart sing! Thank you!!!!!!!"
(Boy aged 6)

Bedwetting Program Customised for Your Child

No Harsh Bedwetting Alarm. No Expensive Bedwetting Clinic

It is night time… you’re exhausted… and you are once again dealing with your child’s wet bed.  However, you somehow find the energy to strip the bed, hoping the mattress, pillows, and toys didn’t get wet this time.  Your child also quietly dreads waking up to a wet bed.  Of course he can’t tell friends for fear of being teased and it is becoming difficult to avoid sleepovers and school camps.  He wonders when he will stop bedwetting!!

Your doctor won’t do anything to help stop the bedwetting until he is much older and has told you, “He’ll grow out of it!”  And you’ve been waiting… and waiting!  At any rate you can’t understand why your child hasn’t stopped bedwetting.  It is important to realise that you are not alone!

Children listen to a personalised recording to stop bedwetting.

Stay Dry at Night

Stay Dry at Night is the breakthrough bedwetting solution for children aged between 6 and 12 years. The aim of this program is to help get the brain and bladder communicating so that when the bladder gets full, it sends a message to the brain to wake your child up to go to the toilet.

Build Brain & Bladder Communication

Key to the program is a recording that is personalised for your child from the information you provide. Three beautiful recordings take him or her on magical journeys that cleverly lead the way to building communication links between the brain and bladder using metaphors, information, hypnosis, and visualisation techniques.

Designed to be listened to at bedtime, Stay Dry at Night recordings build knowledge, create calm, generate confidence, and get the body working in the right way and at the right time. Above all, they help build the connection between the brain and the bladder to allow your child to wake up and go to the toilet, or stay dry all night.

"This product genuinely changed my family's life, most importantly my daughter's self-confidence.
Truly impressed.
The most effective, and the most cost efficient product we have come across related to bed wetting.

Additionally the customer service support was outstanding. Regular email correspondence and genuine empathy to our situation was exceptional. Well done, Ginny."
"Your program has been fantastic! He only wet the bed once- perhaps the third night in. We finished the program a few weeks back and all dry. He has been to friends for sleepovers and had friends sleepover at home. I used to stress if he had a sleep over and I didn’t know if he would stay dry or not.
Your method has been fantastic. Relaxing for him and no hassle with noisy alarms for the whole household. We are incredibly grateful."
N.B. (Boy aged 10y)

Breakthrough method to stop bedwetting at age 6 to 12 years

Help & Support to Stop Bedwetting

Bedwetting can be confusing and frustrating for both parents and children.  In addition, learning how to stop bedwetting can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle.  Therefore, you must find the pieces that cause or contribute to bedwetting for your child. 

Sometimes it is simply that the brain and bladder aren’t communicating properly.  And in those cases, the recordings tend to work without any further intervention (and can work instantly).  However, there are other lifestyle and physical issues that can impede or influence the functioning of this messaging system.  For instance, food, drinks, sleep, constipation, and weak muscles that support bladder control can all contribute to wet nights.  

Ginny provides you with a wealth of information as well as asking you to contact her after two weeks of listening to the recordings in order that she can find out how your child is doing, and evaluate whether any further information, reinforcement techniques or exercises are needed.  

The program is suitable for children between the age of six and twelve. Order today!    

Is my child suitable for this program?

About the creator

Ginny Laver (MSc, Dip THP, NLP) specialises in helping children to stop bedwetting, in her clinic in Brisbane, Australia.  By the time parents contact her, they have often endured years of their child wetting the bed. Sometimes they have unsuccessfully tried using bedwetting alarms, drinking programs for bladder capacity or even attended bedwetting centres.  

Ginny has designed Stay Dry at Night so that children can use this program worldwide, at an affordable cost and in the comfort of their own home.  Her aim is to help children to stop bedwetting without any harsh interventions, whilst providing support to their parents. 

Stay Dry at Night is easily the most natural, gentle and effective solution on the market.  Equally important, it is a firm favourite with the children.  

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Children love listening to the personalised recordings.

60-day money back guarantee!

We are so confident in this product that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee if the bedwetting has not improved after following the instructions and listening to the recordings for 21 days.

Affordable Price

Pay a fraction of the cost of most other bedwetting treatments and bedwetting clinics.
Yet you get comprehensive information, a customised program, help and support.

My son, who is age eight, was wetting the bed most nights. You related it [the recording] to him. He liked the music and said it made him feel calm. After a few weeks of listening to your recording, he became dry. Thank you so much.

Stop Bedwetting with Stay Dry at Night

Stop Bedwetting for Ages 6-12 Years

Stay Dry at Night has been made for older children who want to be able to have sleepovers and go on school camp without the fear of wetting the bed.

This extraordinarily effective program is gentle, calming, confidence building and educational. As a result, children love listening to the recordings as they go to sleep at night. They like learning how their brain and bladder work and how they can talk to each other.

Stay Dry at Night helps...

Children aged 6-12 years
Chronic bedwetters
Deep sleepers
Bedwetting that runs in the family
Children who wet the bed several times a night
Kids who wet the bed a few times a week.
Kids who have unsuccessfully tried everything
Children who haven't tried anything before