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child with constipation and bedwetting

Can Constipation Cause Bedwetting?

Discover the link between constipation and bedwetting in children. Understand how addressing constipation can help improve bedwetting issues. Learn about the signs of constipation and effective ways to manage it for better overall health.

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Is Bedwetting Genetic?

Is Bedwetting Genetic?

Did you know that bedwetting can often run in families and have a strong genetic link? A recent scientific study has identified specific genetic variants that increase the risk of bedwetting, shedding new light on this common childhood issue.

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is bedwetting more common in winter

Is Bedwetting More Common in Winter?

Is Bedwetting More Common in Winter? Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is a common challenge in childhood, affecting millions of children globally. As the seasons change, some parents notice a spike in bedwetting during the colder months. This observation prompts the question: Is bedwetting more prevalent in winter? Research and clinical

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The frustration of constantly washing wet sheets can contribute to being punished for bedwetting

Should Your Child Be Punished For Bedwetting?

Should Your Child be Punished for Bedwetting? Punishment as a treatment for wetting the bed: Does it work? All around the world, there are regular reports of children being punished for wetting the bed.   Some parents believe that their child should be punished for bedwetting, wishing for a quick fix

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Bedwetter lazy sleeping

Are Bedwetters Simply Lazy?

Are bedwetters simply lazy? Parents’ beliefs about bedwetting and bedwetters are extremely important. Their knowledge and understanding of bedwetting can shape the way they help their child.  A study carried out by the Urology Department, University of California found that 26% of parents thought their child wet the bed because

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Stay Dry at Night's tips to stop bedwetting paint a rainbow of happiness

11 Ways to Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed

11 Tips to Stop Bedwetting Parents and carers often ask Ginny Laver what bedwetting tips she can give them to help their child stop wetting the bed at night.  Here are 11 useful tips to stop bedwetting that are fun and easy to put into practice. Build communication between the

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No bedwetting at school camp.

How to Deal with Bedwetting at Camp

Bedwetting and School Camp Practical Steps to Help With Bedwetting and School Camp School camp is an exciting milestone for kids, offering a taste of adventure and independence. However, for some children, the anticipation of fun and freedom is accompanied by a terrible dread: “What if I wet the bed?!”

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Ginny is a professional who knows many tips to stop wetting the bed.

Should You Wake Your Child To Pee At Night?

Should you wake your child to pee at night? A popular technique used by parents to avoid their child wetting the bed is to wake up their child to go to the toilet at night (also known as ‘lifting’).  Some parents set timers throughout the night to wake up their

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We tried the stay dry at night program for our ten year old daughter and it’s been fantastic. She is a very deep sleeper and was wetting the bed at least once or twice a week. It was becoming a real concern for her and preventing her going on sleepovers and school camp. 

She loved listening to the recordings and found them relaxing. 

She wet the bed the first two nights of the program and was then dry for the next 20 days. She then stopped listening to the recordings. She had another wet night but has been dry again for 10 days now. 

I couldn’t recommend the program highly enough.

KT (child aged 11)


In the first 3 weeks of the program our son had 2 wet beds. We had a few setbacks for a few weeks but got in touch with Ginny and she gave us some more techniques. We keep up the readings for a few more weeks. 

Our son stayed dry. 

2 months on now and he doesn’t listen to the readings anymore and he’s been dry for weeks. We were so stoked to find out about this program, and it’s well and truly paid for itself, as we haven’t had to buy pull-ups, and it’s saved washing and made our son very happy.

Thanks, Ginny for always emailing back and making the program so easy to understand. Our son made up a story about a monster truck and it has really helped him to stay dry. Definitely recommend this program to other parents.


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