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Are bedwetters simply lazy? Parents’ beliefs about bedwetting and bedwetters are extremely important. Their knowledge and understanding of bedwetting can shape the way they help

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Hi!  I’m Ginny!  I specialise in helping children learn how to stop wetting the bed.  

If you have any questions about my program, or, just want to chat about how to help your child, then do email me and I will be happy to help.  

All information is treated in the strictest of confidence.

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We tried the stay dry at night program for our ten year old daughter and it’s been fantastic. She is a very deep sleeper and was wetting the bed at least once or twice a week. It was becoming a real concern for her and preventing her going on sleepovers and school camp. 

She loved listening to the recordings and found them relaxing. 

She wet the bed the first two nights of the program and was then dry for the next 20 days. She then stopped listening to the recordings. She had another wet night but has been dry again for 10 days now. 

I couldn’t recommend the program highly enough.

KT (child aged 11)


In the first 3 weeks of the program our son had 2 wet beds. We had a few setbacks for a few weeks but got in touch with Ginny and she gave us some more techniques. We keep up the readings for a few more weeks. 

Our son stayed dry. 

2 months on now and he doesn’t listen to the readings anymore and he’s been dry for weeks. We were so stoked to find out about this program, and it’s well and truly paid for itself, as we haven’t had to buy pull-ups, and it’s saved washing and made our son very happy.

Thanks, Ginny for always emailing back and making the program so easy to understand. Our son made up a story about a monster truck and it has really helped him to stay dry. Definitely recommend this program to other parents.


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