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Scroll down to find weekly techniques, information and strategies that will help your child become dry at night.  Use these techniques in conjunction with the recordings.  Ginny is also available to provide you with help and support.

The search bar below can help you fast track to the appropriate week or to access topics.

Getting started

Have you completed the bedwetting details form?  If you haven’t, please do this asap.  The recordings will be made and sent to you within approximately three working days of completing the form.

Please read through the program instructions as they are essential to helping the program work.  Take some time to discuss the Brain, Body, Bladder PDF (picture of Sammy) with your child, making it fun – do this nightly for at least two weeks.  It can be helpful to keep the diary provided as it will help us evaluate progress and notice any patterns. (PDFs are located in the tab at the top of this page called ‘downloads’)

Week 1

Now your child has started to look at and discuss the picture of Sammy and they may have started to listen to the recordings every night.   Let’s delve into what can contribute to, or cause bedwetting so that you can help set your child up for success.

Week 2

This technique will help your child to tune into the sensations of having a full bladder at night.


Once your child has had 21 consecutive DRY nights, they can stop listening to the recordings.

Weeks 3 & 4

By now, your child will have listened to the recordings for two weeks.  For many children the brain and bladder have started to communicate, which is good news.  However, if your child hasn’t shown any progress, don’t worry, there is a lot more we can do.

The main thing now is to remain positive.  Learning isn’t always linear and the problem here is that your child could get quite despondent that if they still have wet nights.  It can be helpful to tell them that the brain and bladder are learning and that they will make mistakes along the way, and that is normal.  

Different people learn things at different times.  Some children become dry straight away, but very often parents need to spend some time reinforcing the program by going through Sammy and helping their child make up stories, and most importantly by being very patient and encouraging.  At the same time, we want to take the pressure off them to become dry as pressure can be counterproductive.  

Your child is now ready to reinforce the brain and bladder messaging system.  Next you will find a powerful reinforcement technique.  This technique can be used in conjunction with the recordings. It should be practiced as often as possible, keeping it fun, silly, or enjoyable. 

As long as your child is interested, do keep looking at the picture of Sammy and make up funny messages between the brain and bladder.  At this point it can be useful to have a re-read of the information emails and PDF instructions as there is a lot of information there to take into account.

This technique is very simple yet powerful.  Designed to be used a couple of weeks into listening to the recording to help connect the messaging system between the brain and bladder.

This has been the key to dry nights for thousands of children.

If there has been very little or no improvement so far there may be something stopping that brain and bladder from being able to communicate effectively.  If your child is constipated (or has suffered from constipation in the past), that might be the problem. 

Constipation is more complicated than most people realise and it isn’t necessarily obvious when a child is constipated.  Here you will find some information about constipation, a diary, and a stool chart.  It can be very informative to help your child complete the diary for two weeks.

Week 6

Research has shown that if the ligaments and muscles that support bladder function are weak or underdeveloped then communication between the brain and bladder won’t work properly.  Constipation (past and present) can also weaken those muscles.  

The exercises here, though very simple, can be extremely effective in improving the whole functioning of that area. They have a relatively high success rate in helping to cure bedwetting within one to four months.

According to the research, these exercises may help with daytime wetting, underdeveloped ligaments, constipation, faecal incontinence, urge to go and bladder capacity.

Please note:  Once started, these exercises need to be continued twice a day (once in the morning & once in the evening) every day, for at least four weeks.  It can take time for the muscles to build up strength.  If your child stopped doing them too early, the muscles can weaken, and your child may start wetting again.

You may be interested to find out about bedwetting supplementation that has been quite effective in helping children reduce wet nights.

Welcome to your toolkit!

Here you will discover the roadmap to help your child stop bedwetting.  

You will find instructions, information, techniques, exercises and support.  

Some children will become dry within the first week or two (or even within the first couple of days!), so they won’t need to use much from the toolkit.  Others will need some additional help and you will find this here.  But please, don’t do everything at once because it can put too much pressure on the child to become dry.  And that can be counterproductive.

Bedwetting can be like a jigsaw puzzle and sometimes the smallest change (or changes) can bring about the biggest results.  For some children the recordings alone will do the trick, for others we need to find those parts of the puzzle that works for them.

Remember that Ginny is always available via email to provide you with support and guide you along the way.