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When to stop the recordings

When to stop listening to the recordings

Once your child has had 21 consecutive dry nights, they can stop listening to the recordings.  If they don’t feel confident enough to stop listening, they can continue with them until they feel ready to stop.  Alternatively, they can use the powerful reinforcement technique in week three as a substitute.

How to prevent regression

Wearing a nappy even just for one night can cause children to regress.  I have heard many stories of children who have been totally dry or made huge progress, yet they wore a nappy when on holiday/ camping (JUST IN CASE), and that regressed them fully back to wetting the bed.

Do keep in mind any changes you made (and they could have been small changes) that helped your child to become dry, including what can contribute to wet nights and continue with them.

Different situations can cause different outcomes. For instance, when children go camping with their families they often have a change in diet eating more sugary foods and eating less fibre.  Since the toilets aren’t always pleasant children might not go to the toilet as often and that could result in a child getting constipated.

Two key tips for camping:- 1) continue with a good diet of fruit and vegetables  2) go to the toilet one hour before bed, then 15 mins before bed, and, finally just before sleep.