Stay Dry at Night

The Gentle & Effective Bedwetting Solution

Recommended for children aged 6 to 12 years.

A Bedwetting Program Customised for Your Child

No harsh bedwetting alarm. No expensive bedwetting clinic.

Is your child still wetting the bed?

Are you aware of what can cause or make bedwetting in children worse?

Do you know how to build communication between the brain and bladder so that your child can learn how to wake up to go to the toilet at night?  If you used the bedwetting alarm, did it wake up the whole family, but not your deep sleeper who is wetting the bed?  Stay Dry at Night bed wetting program is a comprehensive approach that supports you and helps your child stop wetting the bed.


“This worked for us, and we could not be happier!  My son is 10 and we waited so long and had tried a bedwetting alarm, and homeopathic things, essential oils, natural teas, and tinctures.  Nothing worked.  This did the trick!

The bladder and brain connection are all that was missing.”

S.C.F. (Son aged 10 years)

Brain and Bladder Connection

A common yet overlooked reason why some children wet the bed is that the brain and bladder simply aren’t communicating effectively. Stay Dry at Night is a unique bedwetting program that helps improve the messaging between the brain and bladder so that when the bladder gets full, it sends a message to the brain to wake your child up to go to the toilet at night.

Key to the program are recordings, skilfully designed and personalised for your child. The relaxing stories help educate the child about the brain and bladder. They create calm at bedtime, increase confidence and encourage new neural pathways to develop to improve the communication between the brain and bladder.

You are also provided with cognitive strategies and bedwetting information (including information about how food, drinks, and sleep can contribute to wet nights) essential for setting your child up for success.  

For some children, this customised approach works instantly.  Others need time and patience until it all clicks into place.  After two weeks of listening to the recordings, if the bedwetting hasn’t stopped completely, Ginny will provide further information, cognitive strategies, or, physical exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that support bladder control.  These exercises can also help with daytime wetting.

Ginny provides you with personal guidance and support. She also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Bedwetter lazy sleeping
Children love Stay Dry at Night!

Is this bedwetting program right for my child?

It is advisable to get your child checked out by a doctor, to rule out any underlying medical problem.

"My husband and I are both amazed at how it targets the mind and body connection."

Children are well known to have powerful imaginations. They live in a land of exploration and discovery.  Some parents would say they are permanently in a trance-like state. By carefully using this creative mind, Ginny can use visualisation techniques, metaphors, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques to help your child to stop wetting the bed.

It is also incredibly effective because it is personalised for your child. The personalised audio holds their attention in a unique way since is made from the information you provide and contain the following:-

  • Your child’s name (optional)
  • His or her sport or activity
  • Magical relaxation stories
  • Information about how the brain and bladder work
  • Suggestions, metaphors, and visualisation for dry nights
  • Choices for staying dry or getting up and going to the toilet
  • Techniques creating relaxation, calm, and confidence

Learn how to stop bedwetting with beautiful personalised recordings, key information and excellent personal support.

Listen to a sample of the personalised recording

As children listen to the recordings, they become relaxed and enjoy listening to information about the brain and bladder, relaxation stories, and visualisation techniques. Finally, they go to sleep calmly, with the inner knowledge necessary to help them to stay dry at night.

E.G. Aged nine, says...
"Thank you for helping me learn about my body and notice how to control it."

Learn how to stop bedwetting without a harsh bedwetting alarm

How long does the bedwetting program take to work?

For some children connecting this messaging system works quickly and they will stop wetting the bed within a few days of following the instructions and listening to the recordings!  However, for other bedwetters, it may take longer, and sometimes there can be lifestyle, environmental or physical issues that need to be addressed.  

The members’ tool kit helps you identify and address what may be causing or contributing to wet nights and helps build that messaging system so that it works efficiently.  

Children who wet the bed several times a night, usually stop one wetting episode a night in the first week.  Most children will start to have more dry nights within the first two weeks of listening to the recordings.  If the bedwetting does not stop completely, it is nearly always substantially reduced.

"Fantastic program, very genuine approach / follow up from Ginny.
Most importantly: great results.
Thank you"
"I must admit, I'm surprised at how much it has helped.
It has been amazing!"
"This program is fabulous. We started to see a difference immediately. [My child] woke for the first time through the night on the first night of the program!"
(Daughter aged 6 y)
Guarantee comes with bedwetting program

60-day money back guarantee

We are so confident in this product that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if the bedwetting hasn’t improved after listening to the recordings for 21 days.

Want info on how to stop bedwetting without a bedwetting alarm?

It is advisable to get your child checked out by a doctor to rule out any underlying medical problem.
Stay Dry at Night is not a substitute for medical intervention.

Members Toolkit

The members toolkit is a unique bedwetting resource containing week by week information, techniques and support so you can help your child to stop wetting the bed. It contains information about what can cause, or contribute to bedwetting in children, including the most effective science-based bedwetting research and techniques.

No bedwetting alarm

The Stay Dry at Night bedwetting program uses no harsh bedwetting alarms.

Parents often use Stay Dry at Night after they have tried the alarm that has woken up the whole house, but not the bedwetter!

Proud winner of: The Most Effective Children’s Bedwetting Solution 2021