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Sensation Awareness

When your child’s bladder is full during the day (and they are in a positive frame of mind), ask them to get into bed and get really comfortable.  Ask them to close their eyes and to become very aware of how their full bladder feels when they are lying down. They need to stay there (in bed comfortable) for a few minutes –  focusing on the sensations of their full bladder.

Move into different positions:  Side, back and tummy.

  • Ask them to try moving on their side and rest and relax there – tune into any sensations.
  • Now try the same thing moving onto their back.  Did they feel any sensations when moving positions?
  • Wait a while, giving them time to notice any feelings of a full bladder.
  • They can also lie on their tummy.
  • How do the sensations change?
  • In what position do they feel the sensations from their bladder the most?
  • What sensations do they feel in their usual sleeping position?
  • Perhaps they could pretend to sleep, breathing deeply or snoring a little (this will keep it light and fun).

After a few minutes of exploring different sleeping positions and becoming aware of any sensations of needing to go, ask your child to…

  1. Locate the feeling of needing to go (whilst still lying down in any one position on the bed).
  2. “Imagine” the sensations calling their brain and making it aware that they need to wake up!
  3. At this point, they can say to themselves that they must “get up NOW and go to the toilet quickly”. 
  4. Then they need to immediately get up (actually doing this) and go to the toilet, being aware of fully emptying the bladder,
  5. And get back into bed.

If they leave it so long that they have to go urgently, that is also good.

No sensations

Young children with bedwetting can benefit from doing these exercises.
  • If your child can’t feel any sensations that the bladder is full (when lying down), try again a little later – and keep trying.
  • Practice tuning in and learning how to become aware of the sensations of the bladder being full when lying down and then getting up to go to the toilet.  It sounds very simple, but often the simple things can be very effective.
  • If you find they still can’t feel any sensations, try putting something on their tummy like a heavy blanket and see if that helps.

Most importantly…

Explain that every 90 minutes or so through the night, they will naturally come out of their deep sleep and very slightly wake up (that is when they may turn over, reach for their pillow, throw off their blanket and so on).  At that point, they can check for any sensations to find out if their bladder is full, and go to the toilet if they need to.

I would recommend practicing this as often as possible for a week or so, or at the weekends when convenient.

Have they counted the number of steps to the toilet and back from their bed?

It can also be helpful to review any changes you made at the beginning of the program after reading the instructions and emails, and just check you are continuing with them.

Keep it light and fun!