Stay Dry at Night Bedwetting Program

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This product is sold in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Stay Dry at Night is suitable for:

  • Children age between six & twelve
  • NOT suitable for children who suffer from epilepsy or brain damage

You will immediately receive – via email or downloads

  • Instructions, information, and helpful bedwetting tips
  • Information for you & your child on the brain & bladder connection
  • Stay Dry at Night diary
  • A link to a form so you can provide information necessary for the recordings

You will receive within THREE working days (of submitting the form)

  • A Stay Dry at Night recording custom made for your child & two further recordings – via email
  • Guidance and support

Ongoing help and support

  • Two weeks into following the instructions and listening to the recordings, provide Ginny with an update
  • If needed, she will then provide you with further information and/or techniques

How to purchase this bedwetting program

  • Click on the ‘ADD TO CART’ button below and purchase the program
  • On the order confirmation page, download the three PDF files (These can also be downloaded from the “Thank you for your order” email.)
  • From this email – Follow the instructions to complete the form so that the customised recording can be made

**Please Note: Emails from Stay Dry at Night are sometimes going to spam.



1 review for Stay Dry at Night Bedwetting Program

  1. Jayde

    Honestly, this is Amazing, I bought this for my 6 year old who was wetting 3 x a night and refusing to wear a nappy or I having to sneak one on when he was asleep. Every morning we would wash sheets, I was exhausted and after trialing almost everything I came across Ginny. I signed up and started the recording straight Away. On night one he wet once and I was sure it was a fluke he continued to only wet once for 2 weeks then started going every second or so night dry this continued on for another 3 weeks, till all nights he didn’t wet and we are now 7 weeks dry. I didn’t think it could get any better until I started to realise my 3.5 year old was hearing the recordings from her room also and she started reducing her wetting and we are now going on 3 weeks dry with her also. This is honestly the best money ever spent and I would pay hundreds for it. We all get sleep now and wake up in warm dry beds. I stopped the recordings in the last week and we are still going strong although the kids are asking to still listen. Haha. Thank you Ginny you saved me!

    • Ginny Laver

      What a lovely review! Thank you! This review will help a lot of other parents who can read how the program works for some children. For many children who wet the bed multiple times a night, the first sign of improvement will be stopping one episode of wetting the bed a night. That is an encouraging start. So happy you could see the improvement and continued with the program. What a bonus that your three-year-old is now dry too. Thank you again for this review!

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